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Need to test your concept? Check an advertisement (TV, Radio, Print, Digital, OOH) or packaging? Or would you like some customer insight to help with Product Development?


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Welcome to Focus Groups Ireland, all you need for qualitative research in Ireland. We hope you find our website useful. We'd love to hear from you and would be delighted to help you with your project. If you need to contact us our contact details are below. You can fill out your details and we'll be in touch with you as soon as we can.

Full Service

We can handle your project from start to finish. Everything from agreeing your research objectives, recruitment, moderation, and reporting is included.


It's so important to select the right people to participate. We'll agree the characteristics and screening criteria and questionnaire we should use. With a team of recruiters nationwide we can recruit consumers, business leaders, and industry experts . We can also help with hard to reach audiences including the recruitment of GPs, Pharmacists, and other medical and health specialists.


For your project you'll need a skilled and experienced moderator who understands your research brief and objectives. We ensure our moderators are well prepared and are soon able to build rapport with participants. Click below to learn more about some of our moderators.

Analysis Reporting

We'll identify the major themes and their implications for your business so that you have the best information to allow you to make crucial business decisions.


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Use our offices in Swords one the fastest growing population areas in Ireland, or in our location within Dublin City University's Invent centre. All can be arranged with refreshments, full video and audio recording.

We can arrange for your project to take place in dedicated focus group facilities. Refreshments full video and audio recording along with dedicated viewing and hospitality facilities for clients.

With experience of organizing focus groups throughout Ireland, we have a full list of suitable partner venues and can arrange accommodation if you need it.

Need help deciding?

Not sure exactly what you need? How many groups? Face-to-face or online? Do I just need respondents? Or do I actually need some quantitative research? We can help you decide.

Need a quantitative survey?

Focus groups are great for exploring your issue but not always the most appropriate, affordable or only research approach to consider. With our partners such as Marketresearchireland.com we can offer fantastic solutions such as Conceptest which is fast, affordable and effective.

Extend your focus groups

A focus group on average has 8 participants - great for exploring! Using the same recruitment and screening criteria, and for a little more than the average cost of a focus group you can extend, verify or check focus group findings among a wider and more statistically robust audience (n=250 respondents*). To learn more please visit Marketresearchireland.com or feel free to get in touch with us.

We can reach your target audience

We're always busy helping brands to find out about consumers, but we also do focus groups among business people and industry experts. Healthcare . We have specialist moderators and recruiters that cover many industries including medical and health conducting research among GPs, Hospital Consultants (Medical Oncology, Rheumatology, Neurology, Endocrinology, Hepatology, Psychaitry, Urology ) , Nurses and Retail Pharmacists.


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Your Research Options

Over the years undertaking research using various methods, we’ve seen how technology and innovative qualitative techniques can help with decision making. Sometimes quantitative approaches can also prove very helpful. We’ve developed a range of research solutions that you can avail of which are fast, affordable and highly effective:

Online Focus Group


Simple online focus group approach. More convenient, Anywhere, Anytime, more participants (10) and more opinions. More flexible, quicker turnaround and more affordable.

Turnaround: Typically 1-2 weeks

Online No venue constraints.


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Versatile and agile research option. Test your ideas, concepts, advertisements, packaging etc.

You can measure reactions, emotions, likes and dislikes, key messages contained in copy, images, audio and video.

Turnaround – Typically 48 hours. Express 24 hour service available.

Online No venue constraints.


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The Focus Group


The simple focus group. Just 8 participants and a moderator.

Get the opinions you need.

Turnaround: 2-3 weeks

Face to face Central Venue.


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Targeted Survey


If you are developing, testing or enhancing your concept (idea, copy, advertising, packaging), testing your app or just want feedback, opinions, usage or attitudes – then also a consider a survey among a larger targeted audience.

Turnaround: 2-3 weeks

Face to face Central Venue.


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Online Focus Group +


Extend your focus group to 20 or 30 people and get a strong understanding of your idea, concept or ad. With larger numbers we can seek consensus and start to measure strength of feelings and views. Good for customers in-the-room exercise.

Turnaround: Typically 1-2 weeks

Online No venue constraints.


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Our Experience

Most of our work involves checking concepts, advertising and packaging. Lately we’re more involved in projects in areas of App Development, UX research and recruitment. Many of our projects are further extended by using one of our quantitative targeted survey approaches where we quickly survey a large number of respondents.

We’ve partnered with Conceptest and now offer exclusive access to this wonderful and agile concept testing research approach in Ireland.

Fast Concept Testing
Quickly find out what your customers really think

It’s a versatile and agile market research testing tool to allow you to check your concept. You can discover which parts of your concept that your target customers like and dislike most along with some understanding of their reasons. And get it done fast! – normally turned around in 48 hours with an express 24-hour service also available

Designed for Testing Concepts
Powerful and Comprehensive

The questions measure initial reactions, likes/dislikes, messaging and message cut-through. We Iook at emotional reactions, feelings about the brand, check any claims made, the appeal levels, likelihood of purchase and engagement with your brand. You’ll also get suggestions for improvement.

Affordable and Easy
e.g. Product Users, Shoppers, Commuters

All you need to give us is your idea or concept (text and or images, video or audio ) – we’ll do the rest. When compared to other research approaches on the market, you get so much more included. With prices starting at €2,200 (that’s less than a typical focus group – it’s hard to beat!)

Your Audience and Target Customers
e.g. Product Users, Shoppers, Commuters

Using your audience selection criteria, to test your concept we undertake a comprehensive survey asking a series of 30 key questions.

Check ideas, concepts, advertisements, packaging…</h4>

You can test a single concept or several concepts together and make comparisons with competitor brands. We can evaluate sentiment shown towards your video or audio ad. You’ll get insightful verbatim responses and for concept imagery, you get heatmaps as standard.

Can be used to screen your ideas, concepts, advertisements (TV, Radio, Internet, Newspaper, OOH), packaging, webpage or app layout, and great for providing help at any stage of product development (early-stage to final iteration and optimization). It can be used as a separate piece of research but it’s an excellent way to validate and develop upon earlier qualitative research.

How Conceptest Works

Brief Us

Tell us about your concept.

Select Audience

Agree target audience.

Fast Targeted Fieldwork

We’ll get the fieldwork underway.

Results in 48 hours

We’ll then provide a comprehensive powerpoint report.


Comprehensive Service

Fully featured Questionnaire & Reporting Service.

  • Targeted Audience Survey
  • Free advice
  • 30 key questions with some Custom questions Included*
  • Reactions and Emotions
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Key messages and recall
  • Sentiment for Audio and Video
  • Appeal levels
  • Likely Behaviour
  • Improvement Suggestions
  • Compare concepts, brands
  • Comprehensive Powerpoint Report
  • Heatmaps for Imagery
  • Fast – results usually in 48 hours/Express 24-hour service available
  • Capture Video Vox Pops
  • Can include Semantic Diff, Conjoint, Max-Diff research options
  • International coverage – Conceptest available in over 40 countries.
  • 24-hour express service available

What’s included…</strong>

Video Sentiment


Audio Sentiment






Comprehensive Report


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Our Collective

An experienced team, supported by a strong network:

Our Team

We've got an experienced team of highly skilled moderators to choose from. Our team will do their best to understand your requirements. They're great at asking the right questions to get the most from respondents. They maintain a good environment that encourages participation. They keep it simple and clear. They're also well prepared, focused, always staying neutral and objective.

Our Industry

Not just us! It’s also the other market research agencies, independent moderators and industry experts we work with. We’re supported by our parent company, Direction Research Group - proud members of ESOMAR and responsible for www.europinions.ie, SurveyCX and Market Research Ireland.

Our Network

Our collective is much more than that. It’s mainly the fantastic participants in our research projects. It’s also the network of experienced recruiters located around Ireland on whom we rely heavily.

We’re Building!

We're always on the look-out for participants, recruiters, moderators, industry experts and partners. if you're interested in becoming involved with us then please get in touch with us – We’d be delighted to hear from you!